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Benling Company (BLSC) ISO/TS16949-2009 Internal Auditor Training Course

On December 23, 2012, the BLSC internal auditor training class was started. The lecturer was Mr. Zhu from Shanghai Qihang Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. The internal auditors participating in the training course are the backbone of the business selected by the company's various departments, a total of 14 people. The internal auditor training course is part of the ISO/TS16949-2009 certification training: it mainly learns the definition of the system audit, the stages, steps, requirements and skills of the audit. Through training, participants will be able to understand the basic concepts and practices of internal audits and create conditions for internal audits. Teacher Zhu’s vivid explanation made everyone quickly understand the five parts of the review: document review, on-site review, system review, process review, and product review. The review activities are divided into four major stages, four small steps, and seven forms of review (top three and four). Understand the assessment of the conclusions of the review and the issuance and corrective supervision of non-conformities. BLSC expects to obtain ISO/TS16949-2009 and ISO9001 certifications in 2013.